October 30, 2004

Reading on a Dream: A Library Musical [quicktime] When musical theatre invades the library. Very funny. (via the devastatingly sexy Spoonbender)
  • Hah! I give it three bananas out of four. Very nice. )))
  • Nothing is more annoying than impromptu musical theatre. It's popping up everywhere these days: Annoying our ship captains, frustrating our surgeons and distracting our air traffic controllers. Now even the library, that most hallowed hall of silence and intertia, is penetrated by these... these prancing dandies and their light-hearted song. Well I say no more. No more! I've had enough! (He's had enough) Yes, quite enough! (He's had enough) And if things don't start improving then I'm going to get quite rough I've had enough! (He's had enough) ... wait a minute (He's had enough) OH DEAR GOD IT'S HAPPENING RIGHT NOW.
  • A few years back I had the urge to do this during jury duty. They were keeping all the potential jurors in a big room with comfy chairs. It was about 2:30 pm on day 3 of waiting, and I had read all my mystery novels. It was all I could do to keep from jumping up on the table and singing Rogers and Hammerstein at the top of my voice. In hindsight they probably would have sent me home early.
  • And hilarious post, TBD. I sent it to me mum who is a librarian. We call her Conan.
  • Hilarious! I was waiting for someone to run up and smack him upside the head with a dictionary.
  • That is so awesome. That is punk. "Omigod, they're being so . . . different. I'm so uncomfortable. Make them stop."