October 28, 2004

A flashback to the 80's. Now you can relive those days spent in the dark, neon abyss so dreaded by your parents. Only on a much smaller scale.
  • That is lovely.
  • OMG! I am putting together Robotron RIGHT NOW! [This is good, or I'm a doofus.]
  • I must have these. I wonder how late I need to stay at work before I'll have the all clear on the color printer.
  • kimdog, luckily everyone around here is in meetings. I just went right ahead and took over the fiery. Ha ha! A friend owned a Robotron machine ... ahh ... it brings it back. Brings it back.
  • Hey, where's the Centipede?
  • I've only played one of those (Pac Man) but I still think it's very cool.