October 28, 2004

Cats are Democrats, Dogs are Republican
  • Wow that's the most annoying mouseover I've ever seen.
  • <!-- CopyNo 1.3 Mac (Registered) - This website is registered and protected by the CopyNo.com copyright system!!! WARNING! Images, artwork, graphics, and/or designs on this website are copyrighted by their respective creators. It is illegal to re-use, re-publish or re-post any images from this website without the consent of the appropriate creator. All violators and infringers will be prosecuted! To legally license imagery, please contact the Cartoonist Group. --> Bunch of dumbasses. They didn't even bother to protect it with a cookie! So a view source & a little wget, and boom, it's on my hard drive.
  • (well, that and the fact that it's already in my cache, but I disgress) -- So, kids, if you're to use some annoying mouseover, use one that's non-obstructive, cause it's trivial to defeat anyway.
  • Man, that mouseover sucks enough to motivate me. Here, try this, it's much less obnoxious. What was I going to say? Oh yeah. Meow.
  • So when I arrived at this thread and stole a glance at the comments about the annoying mouseover, I was annoyed because "Can't we please stay on topic? Shouldn't we be discussing the political leanings of house pets or something?" And then I clicked on the link and saw the mouseover. DAMN. Thanks furiousdork, you beat me to it. :)
  • Very good cartoon. Very annoying mouseover. I wasn't going to "steal" it, but the buttmunch po'ed me, so I downloaded it to my HD and I'm going to put it up in the office cafeteria. (right next to the mosaic of Bush that was posted earlier). If the art director busted me using the crazy 'spensive color printer for this... but, meh... I mean meow
  • I think I'm actually gonna buy one of the little posters, myself, if I remember to once I get home...
  • "no copy" my ass... I'm already distributing it everywhere Monkeys are spiteful. *ooh ooh aaah aaaah*
  • Ironically, on the CopyNo website, they've forgotten to CopyNo the CopyNo logo...
  • Heh, you monkeys are cool. Mouseover pissed me off, too. I copied it out of spite, too. But it actually pissed me off enough to go in and remove the watermark in the corner.
  • Don't do it monkeys! Don't you realize you can get in serious legal trouble? They wouldn't say it if it weren't true!
  • Yup cats and dogs can be selectively made to adhere to political stereotypes. Yeah I turned off java/javscript to copy it just because I was pissed. Have you noticed tht some of the news registration logins have the right click disabled now too? Little war with the bugmenot plugin?
  • well, we could always have a monkey meetup in prison, cause my instinct was to read the source and download the image myself. you don't say no to monkeys.
  • When I right clicked, I could open the image on a new page. This "Copy No" doesn't seem to be very effective.
  • Mouseover, my ass. Here's a direct link. And I only found it mildly amusing.
  • I wonder if the CopyNo guy licensed that picture of Munch's Skrik on his site... (I don't think it's public domain yet.)
  • It's amazing how a completely bland, lifeless cartoon can make me so passionately angry because of a big giant red DON'T sign flashing anytime I put my mouse over it. It's like walking into a store and having the cashier scream "DON'T STEAL ANYTHING!" everytime I get near a product. Grargh, I'm so pointlessly mad at this!
  • Yall just read it wrong. It was Engrish And it said This no crappy
  • CopyNo is a patent - pending, multi-leveled copyright warning / system and Application for visual creators that's designed to dramatically reduce the illegal re-use of Internet images.
    So now 5 lines of javascript is an application?
  • I'm glad to see I'm not the only one who feels an immediate irrational compulsion to copy images from pages when forbidden. Nothing defeats the mighty command-shift-4 of my Mac! Nothing, I tell you! Mwahahahahaaha! 'Course, I end up throwing the image away within 10 minutes. Why is it always images about which I couldn't care less? Porn sites should do this; it'd make filling the HD with naughtypics™ much more satisfying if there were some sort of effort involved.
  • i find it amazing how hard people try to stop me from copying an image, and how easy it is for me to actually do it. it's silly, but it's like the cheap chained-down pens at the post office: if you leave the pen lying there untethered, i'll leave it alone, but if you treat me like i'm a criminal and tie it down, well, fine - i'm going to act like a criminal and take the damn thing. (i used to have a whole bunch of them.) also, you can use an extension in mozilla to stop websites from disabling your right-click menu...