October 28, 2004

Magic 8-Ball Dissection It seems that Magic 8-Ball toys were harmed in the production of the linked page, part of a larger unofficial site.
  • Great stuff! Reminded me of the hoary Peep Research site.
  • And the furby (remember them?) autopsy.
  • Pretty brave to taste the mystery blue fluid.
  • )
  • I don't know if I'm happy that I read that, or if I'm sad that the mystery is gone..... Nope, no, I'm happy :) 8-Ball guts are neat.
  • I once owned the previously-only-rumored 8-BallEaster Egg.
  • 'Exsanguinate' is such a cool word. Too bad there is so little call for it in daily conversation. Life would be so much more pleasant if I had reason to use 'exsanguinate' on a daily basis.