October 28, 2004

By now you've heard of the U2 Special Edition iPod but you may not know about the waaay cool Ashlee Simpson edition.

(Assuming it is preloaded with her complete two song catalog.)

  • Hahaha! It took me a few minutes to realize that it wasn't the real site. Great parody.
  • shawnj.... I think we need to know exactly HOW MANY minutes it took you to figure this out...........
  • I'm waiting for a special edition of Dance Dance Revolution.
  • I want the Ashlee Simpson edition signed by her drummer.
  • About two, maybe three. I scanned the thing, and it didn't occur to me that it was a parody until I looked up and saw the address.
  • seanj...three minutes??????? ouch...... I have a bridge for sale, interested??? :-)
  • I am so baffled by the interest in the Ashlee Simpson lip-synching. Who did not know that almost all of the singers of that genre lip-synch? I actually saw Janet Jackson "live." She sang about half the songs. I saw part of Britney Spears in a concert on Showtime. Half or so lip-synching. Why was that even news? Because she got caught?
  • think of it like masturbation: everyone does it, but no one wants to get caught doing it.
  • because britney spears and janet jackson do some crazy dance moves, so they pretty much have to lip sync. How many "punk" bands do you know lip sync when they play on snl or similar shows? Also, Ashlee Simpson said in an interview that she was totally against lip syncing.
  • Yeah, we're totally against hypocrisy around here. Like being appalled at the President giving the finger while monkeys routinely post using the same epithet. Silly. Particularly when there are so many better reasons to be against him.
  • This thread makes me kinda ornery.
  • I have no idea why it is that interesting. I mean I saw it happen on tv and didn't think it was more than mildly interesting. I can only assume that it must be a slow news week. It isn't like there are any elections or wars or anything REALLY important going on...
  • This thread makes me want to do an Irish jig.
  • This thread is making me hungry.