October 28, 2004

"She sneaked in and did it to me one night, I swear!" - Stinky unwashed homeless Japanese guys are being given sexual relief by an attractive female visitor. A tireless, brave reporter sacrifices himself to get to the bottom of the story. He gets lucky. Woohoo!

Chiro-chiro jupu-jupu! You learn something every day!

  • Newly discovered Japanese fetish: soft-core porn disguised as news
  • Local Woman Repulsed, Then Increasingly Excited By Thought Of Bukkakke & Boston Red Sox
  • Nostril posts under another name. /open secret revealed to the non-curious
  • Well, this is obviously great news for people like me. However, I have to say that I am amazed at the detail in the story. Perhaps there is some hope for my new weekly, "The Analingus Times."
  • Curses! Foiled again!
  • Now Clockwork Orang Pendek should go flame Nostrildamus in the "Apologies" thread, in true pest_best 1-15 fasion.
  • fashion. *cries*
  • Hang on. First, Nostril swapped logons with Path, right? Then there was the new non-bastard Nostril (or was it the new, non-bastard Path?). So now the new Clockwork Orang Pendek is really the old bastard Path..? I'm so confused.
  • I just want to tell you both good luck...
  • It's very much like a goth teenager's avant garde art project set to Laurie Anderson music and viewed through a telescope held wrong way around, only confusinger.
  • Am now awaiting the "Attractive, Anonymous, Hot For Relatively Hygenic Boston Web Designers" bandit to start making the rounds.
  • Plegmund: no, Clockwork Orang Pendek is the new bastard path. I picked the name because I thought it would mean an ape with really pendulous balls, but I guessed wrong. Who was the old bastard path, anyway? Only I, and a few of my minions know! This is the new bastard path. And the sweet, old lady path will continue to haunt you with advice on etiquette. I've got it all!
  • Loofah , anyone ?