October 28, 2004

Press Freedom Scoreboard Europe beats North America hands down on Reporters Without Borders latest annual rating of press freedom. " Violations of the privacy of sources, persistent problems in granting press visas and the arrest of several journalists during anti-Bush demonstrations kept the United States (22nd) away from the top of the list." "A police raid in Canada on the home of journalist Juliet O'Neil and the national regulatory authority's stand against the pan-Arab radio station Al-Jazeera and the local station CHOI FM downgraded the country to 18th place."
  • This is freaking amazing. The USA behind Slovakia, Latvia, Estonia, Slovenia, Lithuania, the Czech Republic, and Bosnia and Herzegovina -- ex-"Eastern Bloc" countries all -- in terms of freedom of the press. America needs to wake up.
  • "Black helicopters to StoryBored and HawthorneWingo, I repeat, all black helicopters and re-education units mobilise immediately. And shut down the internets. With extreme prejudice. Over."
  • Denmark, Finland and Iceland appear to be very open and honest places.
  • Oh, and many congratulations to a certain Mr. S. Niyazov, who has successfully steered his country to an impressive 164th place out of 167. In your face, Burma, Cuba and North Korea!
  • My job is Keeping faces clean And nobody knows De stubble I've seen Burma-Shave
  • I'm so ashamed. I'm moving to the paradise of Bosnia immediately. (on a related note, enjoy your last 6 days of insufferable smugness, Europe and rest of world, it'll all be over soon)
  • Hey drjimmy11, if you're referring to my remark, just so you know, I'm as American as they come.
  • Singapore is 147th?? I thought they were kind of a progressive place.
  • I'm getting tired of that CHOI imbroglio cropping up. The station was out of line, IMHO, and as was made clear by a broadcasting expert I heard interviewed, the Canadian CRTC broadcast regulator only has a big, blunt club to use in cases like this. There is no allowance for fines, like in the U.S. with the FCC, and the station had shown no interest in regulating themselves despite several warnings. Certainly the Canadian government should make changes to the CRTC's mandate to allow more regulatory options, but in the meantime the station should be free to broadcast hate comments? I don't think so.
  • I thought they were kind of a progressive place. Yes, they are, as long as you hold the right opinions. Of which there is only one approved set. Hmm, Oz at 41 sucks shit.
  • on a related note, enjoy your last 6 days of insufferable smugness, Europe and rest of world How about a bit less insufferable whining?
  • Black helicopters are circling my house. But i still have press freedom! I am typing here safely on my keyb-
  • What happened to the UK?
  • The UK doesn't exist. It's just a very well executed hoax, perpetrated to bolster the sales of Narnia and Winnie the Pooh books.
  • The United Kingdom