November 27, 2003

Allen Spiegel [fine arts]

Mostly a site to sell us stuff (expensive stuff, too), but there's some nice pictures on there.

  • Interesting!
  • The art on here is gorgeous. I've always liked Dave McKean in particular, who did the cover art for Neil Gaiman's "Sandman" series (and, apparently, many of his other graphic novels).
  • Actually, tracicle, I found this site while I was looking for stuff on Dave McKean. There's a couple of decent (unofficial) Dave Mckean sites here and there.
  • Yeah, you linked to the same one as me (in your first link - but I bet it's because of those annoying frames) and I love that second link too.
  • Sorry tracicle. I was just being stupid. These two pages have some decent sized images, too. I should have linked to one of them, maybe.
  • I almost did the exact same thing as you, so don't worry. I blame the evil site design.
  • Must...
  • oh dang!
  • I'm going to call the cops. I really am.
  • If by the cops you mean "Bear on Patrol"--then I've got you covered. Well, a couple days after the fact. Okay, I can investigate the scene of the crime.
  • K.R.E.A.P always leaves their "calling card" at the scene, if you know what to look for...