October 20, 2004

A second season of making fiends is underway! And its author SOMETIMES like monkeys.

Probably posted to mofi 1.0, but hey, it's great & has new material.

  • s/like/likes/
  • I'm loving this. Thanks Richer.
  • This is how the internet saves the world from being simply too pissy to contemplate. Thanks Richer!
  • moneyjane: they say it's only pissy in the shallow end.
  • Amy Winfrey is brilliant. We've been following her work for quite a while: glad you're giving her more exposure, Richer.
  • Indeed, great link! I watched 7 in a row before I had to remind myself to save some for later.
  • I've been hooked on Making Fiends since last May, and I can't wait for the holiday treat! I love the big cat...
  • Great find. Did you notice, in the picture of the artist's studio, there's a stuffed-animal version of the giant cat sitting on a shelf over the computer monitor? I want one!
  • Great! This is of course by the creator of the wonderful Big Bunny flash cartoons.