October 18, 2004

Pulp Politicians Quentin's famous flick has been remade- this time with an all new cast. Flash, sound required

This has been around for a while so some of you may have seen it. Gary Busey, George Bush and a box of ferrets jogged my memory.Via Madblast. Check out the rest of the site for similar Flash Fun.

  • I like it better than the original.
  • Normally I don't even click on *any* of those Flash-y animation thingies -- for instance, the last one that I clicked on, the JibJab crap, was, well, crap. But this one -- I chuckled heartily. Very well done. And Ross Perot as "Jimmy" -- perfect. Thanks Bondurant.
  • Hmmm.... Takes all kinds. I thought that this one was crap and I liked the JibJab thing.
  • Eh. I'm still laughing at the ferrets, though.
  • *giggles* "I specifically told you to bring the WMD!" "Your father hid the WMD up his arse." Ross Perot was the Wolf, not Jimmy.
  • *d'oh!* Right, rodgerd.