October 17, 2004

Farscape Returns Tonight!! (If you are in the US, that is. I'm not sure about international airdates). After an incredible ammount of fan support, Farscape returns to the Sci-Fi channel tonight for part one of a two part mini-series. Be sure to watch and if you have never seen Farscape before, fans have created the website, Far What? to get you up to speed.

I've just spent all weekend watching season four and I cannot wait untill tonight to see what new twists the show has in store!

  • You last link is to post for MoFi. Might want to check it.
  • I am so incredibly happy that they are bringing Farscape back, if only for a miniseries. It is one of the best sci-fi shows to come along, period. I've been making due trying to catch up on any back episode I've missed, but it'll be great to watch a brand new episode. It's going to be a frelling good time.
  • me, jay hova.
  • oops. screwed up the link Far What?
  • I can't get SciFi channel - but "Yaaaayyyyyyyyy!" /kermitesque arm waving This is one of the best science fiction shows ever - someday I will just get all of the DVDs. I was hooked by just one scene, caught when flipping channels - D'Argo was playing his instrument, maybe Creighton came on, or Pilot - but it didn't matter. All I knew is that here was a tv show that had caught that sense of mystery and alienness that literary SF expresses so well, but rarely appears on television. The muppets, the make-up, the design, the talented actors (as always the aliens steel the show on that side) - all of these things add up to something so much more than the typical space adventure show. Here were aliens who were truly alien, not humanoids with bumpy foreheads - I love the 'Trek with a loyalty only childhood adoration can bring, but their approach to alienness is only rarely really interesting. Farscape feels like a painting, or a novel brought to life - the colours, the movement, all have a certain theatrical quality and wonder.
  • After having read all kinds of science fiction for nearly half a century (yeah, Guitarmonkeys live a LONG time) this is the kind of TV that I wanted to see when I was a kid... and and adult. As with the best of all science fiction, the story is about the PEOPLE, whatever they look like, and the story always comes first.
  • YES! *does the happy dance* The best sci-fi show evah! About time they brought it back, even if only for a miniseries!
  • I hate it.
  • It IS good to have a show where HUMANS are the alien species for a change.
  • Ahh Nostrildamus your just saying that to get a reaction (and it worked). How come you hate it?
  • I just don't like the writing very much. There's something about it I don't dig, and I am a big sci fi fan from way back. Can't put my finger on it. I think some of the casting is a bit naff, too. Characters lack consistency in their behaviour. I don't like the spaceship, interiors look like tinfoil. Might be "cultural cringe" - I'm Aussie so seeing Aussie actors everywhere might be part of it - Aussies tend not to take their own very seriously for some reason. I would never say something just for a reaction. Well, actually, that's not true, I *would* say something just for a reaction, but not in this instance. Notice I didn't say "Farscape is crap" because that's subjective. You obviously love it, & more power to you. I just said I don't like it. But I hope that more sci fi shows try to be more original like this (even though it's not that original as far as sci fi concepts go - but for TV it certainly is).
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  • I saw the first half, loved it, and now am very sad that I won't get to see the second half and see how they get out of the ending cliffhanger. Night class tomorrow. Any Monkeys who watch part two tomorrow, watch for me too!
  • It is basic cable so I'm sure they will rerun it eternally.
  • Awful music.
  • And, like most Australians, both Wolof & myself have slept with Virginia Hey. Although at different times, I think.