October 17, 2004

Become a millionaire in space! No, really! Silly looking space craft, interesting products to buy and sell.., takes some of the mystery out of playing the market.

It occurred to me to post this because of some comments on Monkeybashi's blog about blogshares and understanding how buying low and selling high impacts prices, especially when you have competition. I'm making this sound so dull, but it's really fun and challenging (even my gothesque, tattooed, artistic daughter likes it.) You can download a simplified version of Gazillionaire, where you travel from planet to planet, by clicking on "play game." (I hesitate to admit this, but I own all three games. But, then, I'm an accounting/finance dweeb.)

  • Sounds good, but I never managed to master Elite (anyone remember that?), so I suspect my chances with this are slim.
  • These do sound fascinating, though the social historian in my notices how all this talk of profit comes with no discussion of the impact of capitalisation on social structure or traditional societies. When will we have the "Engrossers and enclosers" game? /half-jest I'm getting a little bored with Blogshares. I've made $100,000 - and now don't have anywhere to spend my money except on more stocks. My luck isn't holding - I'm still growing, but not astronomically as I did (a couple of very lucky breaks). (Anyone just starting - head to tracy's blog and get great advice on how to make money).
  • Okay, now I have 93 million in blogshares. But it something is still missing. Just goes to show that fake money cannot buy happiness, even fake happiness.