November 26, 2003

File this under "Why They Hate Us" The rest of the world, that is. They hate us because we make and market and buy things like Miracle Seat, "a vacuum toilet seat that COMPLETELY removes all odors BEFORE they escape from the toilet bowl."
  • I dunno, this Australian Company seems to be giving the no-stink toilet a run for its money. It's probably made for the Japanese market.
  • As falconred mentions, electronics have been making heavy inroads into restrooms around asia. While odor eating bowls seem perhaps extreme, there are few things I would prefer to have someone/something else keep clean than my toilet. So I, for one, welcome our new robotoilet overlords.
  • I still remember a woman interviewed on The Daily Show a couple of years ago. She was somewhat overweight (well, obese to be frank) and had invented the Sh*t Stick. Designed for larger people to wipe with. I honestly don't think anyone can beat that. (Wish I'd gotten to see her infomercial though.)
  • We don't even have bidets common in the U.S., much less the uber Hi-Tech Japanese toilets. Thank god we don't have the low-tech ones though. One would think that the idea of a Poo Stick would be insentive to make a lifestyle change. *shudders*
  • The phrase 'odor-eating bowls' is going to haunt me for the rest of the day. And keep me giggling inappropriately.
  • Apparently you have to put in pipes for the extracted air to go through, which makes it sound too complicated to install. I would only buy it if the air was sent into a portable
  • Now my nice childhood image of Pooh Sticks (as in, the game Winnie the Pooh and Piglet play) has been forever tarnished. Thanks Kimberly! : )
  • So I, for one, welcome our new robotoilet overlords. Wouldn't they be underlords?
  • *pushes thread away with ten-foot pole*
  • What's funny is that a google search for "shit stick" brings Mefi up as the fifth result.
  • Say, isn't that the Artist Formerly Known as Dizzy over there?
  • Bleck.
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