October 09, 2004

My Broken Leg
  • I am not normally the one they throw... What a bizarre idea for a site. Nice post!
  • The site for people with broken legs. Now that's what the internets were created for. Welcome to the MonkeyHaus, hama7, just relax, don't even TRY reading the Debate thread and you'll be OK here. (You may want to s-l-o-w-l-y dip your toes in the politithreads here, but NOT THE DEBATE THREAD... I'm just concerned for your blood pressure...) Speaking of your health hama, are you a contributor to this site? Got a fractured hock? i'm sorry... i'm sorry...
  • We have lost your elephant thread, wendell, now there is no place to play a game while waiting for a gull-able to respond to our so hopefully dangling fish-hooks. Can you hope us, o wondrous wendell of woolly wily wordplay? *sacrifices 100 banana before the altar*
  • yes, welcome hama7. A friendly word of advice, don't let anybody catch you being obdurate!
  • "Welcome"? The dude has a user ID of 113. I don't think it's his first visit...
  • Well, yes, but he saved up for this. (1 link and no comments since November.) I once had a broken leg. In fact, my left foot was separated from the rest of me at the ankle. It took a long time to heal with the help of several pins and screws. It's better now, though it changed the shape of that foot, and I still limp if I'm not wearing good shoes. Did I miss something?
  • Well, ok, I forgot we're missing history.
  • Hama's posted here before. The archives aren't working at the moment.
  • See?
  • I see a big IPO coming, with Joe Theismann as celebrity spokesman...
  • Thats an excellently odd site. Cheers
  • Nice link.
  • I was sitting in a chair with my recently compound-fractured leg in a full cast while watching Monday Night Football when I watched Theisman break his leg. While that may have been painful for all viewers, it was especially painful for me.
  • Ah, I still have a copy of the X-ray from when I broke my leg when I was seven years old. Scary snapping of both my tibia and fibula. I remember when they put me on the table at the hospital I had a second knee between the usual one and my ankle. The pain was intense but two weeks in hospital with morphine on demand made it worth it. ouch!
  • see, now i was all kind of bummed that there were no broken leg photos. i sort of like the "i found myself with an injury and then it healed" websites that show you the healing process. not that i'm all bloodthirsty or anything, but seriously, an all-text broken leg website? man. i was let down a bit.