October 08, 2004

Scavanger Monkey Does anybody know where I can find an audio file of the music to Hitchhikers Guide?

I can find loads of episodes, but I just want the lovely banjo-y music from the original radio series... ta

  • Here's a wav file
  • Oh, and this one looks like an mp3. Can't access it from work though. Hmph. Call that job satisfaction? 'cos I don't. I like this music too
  • Wowsers! Ta very muchly, Doc. I'm downloading the mp3 right now! Want to use it as a soundtrack for some little vids I want to make on my new machine (personal use only, of course). You are a scholar and a gent...
  • You know it's The Eagles, right? I think it's called "Journey of the Sorceror", or something like that, and if memory serves it's on the "One of these Nights" album. Yes, I am ashamed to know this.
  • I didn't know that...and yet I still like it.... (never really been an Eagles fan, sorry) Just reminds me of my decent into geeky-ness as a nipper...
  • Decani, is that the truth? I never knew that. Mind you, I didn't know the theme to Formula One on the BBC was by Fleetwood Mac for ages...
  • I hate the fuckin' Eagles, man!
  • Yep, it's the truth. Check the last paragraph here
  • Yeah, Journey of the Sorcerer. Eagles. Decent enough track. About seven minutes long, though. Best bits are the H2G2 theme bits.
  • Nostril: You don't like my music? Get your own fuckin' cab!
  • The Eagles were nothing more than an experiment to see how little talent one would need to have and still be able to sell records. That used to be somewhat rarer in their heyday, but now it seems to be the rule.