October 05, 2004

Christ washed up via Gullibility isn't in the dictionary
  • A fiberglass Jesus washing up on the banks of the Rio Grande is "miraculous"? I guess. But what if it had been just a clothing store mannequin dressed as Elvis? Or a drowned would-be immigrant? Or a mummy from a travelling sideshow that's actually a soul-stealing demon? Would THAT be miraculous?
  • It's probably some Psych/Soc student's behavioral experiment.
  • I don't know if fiberglass qualifies for miraculousness. I doesn't hold spirits like natural materials. And it's not like the thing is made of 850lbs. solid platinum, has a bejeweled crown, and rose straight up out of the river circled by lit candles and accompanied by heavenly music. Nor is it made of cheese, which would also be interesting. Probably fell off a fishing boat.
  • We really need better border controls. I'm tired of illegal fiberglass Jesuses coming over here and stealing US jobs. They're useless. They just hang out all day.
  • Fucking El Nino.
  • Cheese-us Christ! heh.
  • I believe.
  • "We think it's appropriate to place it in a special chapel." 'Special' in the Olympic sense?
  • This is local news for me and I wasn't even aware. Funny, though.
  • Jesuses in coffee-stains, in discerned patterns on steamy windows, in scorched pancake batter, in shadows cast on walls, in painted knotholed fencing, and now materializing, MAN-I-FEST IN FIBERGLASS! When will the Divine catch on this isn't really very convincing? Will the mocking never cease? Festing, festing: one, two, threee.
  • Beeswacky, I think I've developed an unhealthy crush on you....
  • My immediate reaction was to wonder what conception of God you would have to have to imagine him mucking around with this kind of thing. But on reflection, this isn't quite in the Mother Theresa Cinnamon Bun category - it does make metaphorical sense. "Whosoever shall receive these illegal immigrants in my name receiveth me."
  • This is off topic, but only slightly. Anyone know the name of this book? The premise is that God's dead body is found floating in the Atlantic Ocean. It a couple hundred feet big, with white robes and a long white beard, the whole bit, and everyone is trying to make sense of it. Atheists think it's fake, because they don't believe in it. The Church thinks it's fake, because God doesn't die. But everyone is trying to cover it up, because it proves them wrong.
  • Don't know it. Sounds cool though.
  • I've heard of it - but can't remember. Maybe the same author as Only Begotten Daughter? Towing Jehovah?
  • I think that's it jb. I'm not positive, because I read it as a teenager, and it didn't strike a chord then. I was looking for more story than philosophy. But some of the details sound the same. I'll dig it up at the library, see if it's the same book. Thanks jb.