October 03, 2004

Darwin's Autobiography cover picture ...is of Alfred Russell Wallace.

(Via Planet GNOME.)

  • So what? /creationist
  • Now that is funny. At least it's not Wilberforce.
  • HAHAHA!! I wonder whose ass is going to be on the slab for that. Talk about not knowing your subject.
  • Those wacky evolutionists, they all look the same to me.
  • Further proof that Creationism is right!
  • Er, make that further proof that Creationism is right! Either link will do, really.
  • Incredibly funny, but technically not "irony" in the truest sense of the word. For that, the autobiography's cover would need to feature Jack Chick.
  • Homunculus: Best unintentional link EVER.
  • Best unintentional link EVER. hee hee hee!
  • I blame Alanis for my misuse of "irony". And gah, I always loathed the intelligent design theory.
  • tracicle: The poster at Planet GNOME also called it "ironic," which no doubt influenced your use of the term. You're off the hook. (You are also "off the chain," off glass," and "off the hizzy fo' shizzy.") Alanis's misfortunate (and influential) misuse of the word "ironic" is in itself more ironic than any of the examples of putative "irony" detailed in that song.
  • Well, those old Victorian big-white-beardy scientist types all look the same, don't they? Sort of like monkeys (the apes, I mean, not the denizens of this board). Which is funny. For a pair of evolutionists. You know. Oh, never mind. Obviously no Brits involved with this cover - a quick glance at the back of a ten pound note would have shown them they'd blundered.