September 30, 2004

If the future had a soundtrack... A nice collection of live performances by the band Underworld. For the true Multimedia Experience™ be sure to check out a few of their other projects: a visual design company, a typygraphic journal , and a Japanese PlayStation game?
  • underworld ruled. The audio-visual style of all their multiple media ventures has been redone, mixed, mashed, copied and apporpiated by so many that now seems clich
  • I really can't recommend the Bootleg Babies series highly enough. Fans on the Ride the Sancted Rhythms network selected some of the best live versions of some Underworld tracks, and compiled them together into a two cd mix. You can listen/download them from Underworld's site. Some of them, in particular the juanita/kiteless, the born slippy .NUXX, and the dark train, just blow me away every time.
  • I heart Underworld. Thanks, rungkutta.
  • TheRoach's fixed link. Thanks, I had not seen that. I cannot stress how good they are live. I saw their most recent Toronto show and was floored at how entertaining they made music that is essentially twiddling knobs and pushing buttons. Plus, they played Dirty Epic [mp3], which was awesome live.
  • Note that this band has a rather horrible history, in terms of releasing crappy disco-pop records. "1988 Underworld release "Change The Weather" album. It sound like a sub-Prince quasi-Eurythmics avant-Yelloo take on white boy funk. You really wouldn't like it. Trust us. We asked Music & Video Exchange to look out a copy for us, but they'd thrown them all out because they couldn't shift them. 1987 First incarnation of Underworld release debut single, "Underneath The Radar", Followed by album of same name. Sample lyric: "Blackbird sittin' at the kitchen door/Don't give him bread, he'll come back for more/Point to the bush where the berry grows/Rub your belly and touch your toes". They look like A Flock Of Seagulls after an explosion in a Max Factor factory."
  • Thanks, rungkutta! I gave up on Underworld after Darren Emerson left, but I listen to them everyday and pretend. "Jumbo" must be one of the most perfect songs ever written... *click*
  • Oh yes, that "underneath the radar" thing... got it from the discounted bin months after the 'born slippy' era, and boy, it sucks. Hard. Goats. Hairy, drooling, ugly ones.