September 30, 2004

Where's George? No, not that George. I received a $10 bill in change at the gas station yesterday that had I'm registered with stamped on it in red letters. Lo and behold, I can find out where else my bill has been!

If you register, you can keep tabs on the bills you enter. Alas, they no longer sell the red stamps to mark your bills with.

  • I got one of these a while back: it was a $1 bill which had meandered up from Florida to Maryland.
  • I registered a few bills with it way back in 1998, when the Web was still all shiny and new, but stopped paying attention after a couple of months. I'm surprised to hear that it's still online.
  • I just found that someone else is selling stamps. But yea, briank, I'll lose interest in about 20 minutes.
  • There's a similar sort of thing for books.
  • Gah! The idea of something called a lovemark being stamped on a book is enough to make me not buy it, frankly.
  • Hearts and minds, beeswacky. Hearts and minds.
  • Canadian monkeys can use Where's Willy? (Wilfred Laurier is on the $5 bill).
  • As someone who worked in the cage and credit department of a casino and handled thousands of dollars and sometimes tens of thousands of dollars a night, I can say that if I ever see someone write "Where's George?" on a bill I will kick them in the shins so hard they may have to have a shin-ectomy.
  • Totally at sea, now, I'm afraid, some wander by mistke -- don't catch your drift as to what Lyndon Johnson's phrase means when applied to books. I daresay this is a generational thing I'm not catching.
  • Jccalhoun: How can it be that handling those lovely thousands of dollars and sometimes tens of thousands of dollars a night could have left you so angry and bitter? /notmymoney I know where your George is. He's in a paper sack, under my mattress, and he'll damn well stay there.
  • because regular casino patrons are EXTREMELY picky and won't take money with ANY marks on them. Half the lines in our casino were for people exchanging bills and so you end up with a ton of marked money that customers won't take.
  • I put a similar stamp on my body -- -- years ago. The first 471 entries were from RightHand.
  • I GREW HEMP: rubber-stamped money A couple of years ago I became aware that ordinary people have been using currency to spread ideas...
  • (I just noticed that the author of that essay has the same name as me, but, rest assured it is not a self-link...)
  • bernockle: yes, but what was its average speed and distance travelled?