September 30, 2004

  • I know it is true that Satan will prey on people's weaknesses and take whatever doorway he can to get into their minds and play games. Satan, if you're reading this, Halo 2 is out next month. I've been waiting for it for nearly two years, and I'll definitely be home all day playing it on the day of its release. You're welcome to pop round for some death-match, maybe a little co-operative play. Be warned though: I'll be clad in nought but my skivvies, hopped up on uber-double-strength coffee, and quite possibly speaking in (alien) tongues.
  • Satan's really more a "Myst" kind of guy.
  • Dear Satan, Thank you for booze and porn and heavy metal and video games. If you ever need a place to crash I've got a fold out couch in the garage. OkayIloveyouamen.
  • If you want me to drink these beers, give absolutely no sign. ... Thy will be done. *quaff* *quaff*
  • LOL pete best!
  • Jimmy Swaggart freely admits he'll kill people.
  • But he apologized, Soooooz. Just a little good natured ribbing, for your pleasure. IF they were offeneded? Jimmy Jimmy Jimmy...
  • Yeah, it's okay if it's only a joke. Somehow I think if a kid said that in school he/she wouldn't be able to use the same defense.
  • Church members of the Esoteric Order of Dagon will definitely kill you. Members of Starry Wisdom, too. Also worshippers of Atys, Nyarlathotep, Yog-Sothoth, and a variety of other deities. To say nothing of Cthulhu cultists.
  • Yeah, but they'd cop insanity pleas.
  • Ia!
  • :E
  • wot?
  • Fthangn! *pardon me* ;E
  • I for one welcome our new winky Cthulhu emoticon overlords.
  • Dead But Winking... Behold, the Thing That Should Not Wink!