September 30, 2004

DDR Fanfiction - Who needs a dance pad to get hot?

I don't know what's more disturbing. This, or Bible Fanfic. Or maybe this.

  • Well, I typed pokemon into the google image search earlier. Now I am forever traumatised. Fan fiction is nowhere near as disturbing as fan art...
  • "Oh, Bulbasaur! Vine Whip, harder! Harder!" :D
  • Raising fan-fiction to new depths.
  • Rule #1 about fanfiction. There is porn about everything. EVERYTHING. Rule #2, the vast majority is written by 14-year-old girls, or 37-year-old women who have the emotional maturity of 14-year-old girls. This goes a long way toward explaining a whole lot. I find truly insane examples hilarious in that frightening way, because it advances my general theory that the world is full of lunatics. Not just because they wrote stories about DDR, or Pokemon, or whatever. More specifically than that, because they write stories about random characters boinking and falling instantly in love, or write about themselves saving Middle-Earth singlehanded while having Legolas fall madly in love with them. People are stark raving bonkers and they're roaming the streets freely every day. It's a lovely thing in that deeply terrifying way.
  • Actually, I've been writing some MoFi slash fiction - Wurwilf, I've got you in a steamy threesome with Warrior and TenaciousPettle ... and let me tell you, its HOT HOT HOT!
  • I thought this would be about Eastern Germany.
  • This stuff is just so horrible and disturbing, and really shows how our society is sinking to lower, more terrifying levels every day. Except for the bible fanfic. That shit is HOT.
  • ... smallish bear caressed marx's cheek and nervously lent towards him - closing his eyes as he felt their lips touch, gathering marx up in his arms as he explored his mouth with a wet, urgent tongue ...
  • Hey! I'm totally okay with Legolas falling madly in love with me. There, I said it.
  • There are a lot of strange people in this world and most of them have decided to live on the internet.
  • Isn't the bible itself actually the first documented fanfiction?
  • Moses Sue? ;)
  • Uh, some context for that joke.
  • There is definitely a lot of pr0n in the bible. I remember in junior high school deciding I was going to read the whole bible, front to back (I was still religious then). Hoo boy. I wasn't even out of Genesis before things got HOT. An invaluable resource. *Somebody oughta ban that smut...*