September 30, 2004

State Of Flux - I had been having a conversation with a guy from Melbourne a while back and he mentioned that he was in the process of
  • Melbourne is probably the coolest city in the world that you haven't heard a lot about. Extremely artsy (and I mean that in the best possible way). Everybody has heard of the Sydney opera house, renowned for it's exterior architecture, but if you ask anyone who knows they will tell you that the Victorian Arts Centre is one of the most technically advanced opera and theatre complexes in the world, housing world-class theatres, a large concert hall and a performing arts museum as well as the National Gallery of Victoria with the largest art collection in the southern hemisphere. I'd describe Melbourne to Americans as the San Francisco of Austrailia. I want to go back!
  • I recognise quite a few of these, close to my favourite bar. man I'm thirsty
  • Mind you mecurious, Melbourne can't be all _that_ much like SF, since there is some suggestion that 24 hours leadtime might not be enough to procure heroin in SF. It wasn't so long ago that I couldn't walk for 24 minutes without being asked if I was chasing. Admittedly this was in Footscray.
  • Melbourne's got the best live music scene in the country by several streets, too. It's all fucking pokies in Sydney.
  • The other thing that is pissing me off about bars/pubs in Sydney other than pokies is that in recent years they have all been revamped so that they now all look exactly the same and are completely devoid of any character. I hate the sterile feel to all these places. I love heading down to Melbourne because there are so many cool little bars that feel like someone's living room rather than a waiting room.
  • as a melburnian i agree that it's way better than all the other cities in the world. apart from the reasons so far mentioned, some of the best of our street art is done by a monkey.