September 30, 2004

Your Zep: Buy it or Build it? My wife pointed out that Nieman-Marcus has kindly made the opportunity to own a Zeppelin NT available to the, er, masses. Others, however, offer more modest means to airship ownership.

Perhaps investigating the Association of Balloon and Airship Constructors will meet your needs. Larger models, of course, can be built, but probably not much larger than this. (If you're a modeler, please check out that last link, frustrating though the photos are. And may I further say that the N-M URL is the assiest URL of all time.)

  • i love all these blimp links!!! in other blimp news, one has been floating silently above my neighborhood of late. which would please me to no end at any other time... except this one is, um, being tested for spying on people. sigh.
  • (let's build an Official MoFi Airship! woo!)
  • Zeppelin RULES!
  • SideDish, maybe I can distract them and draw them over the river.
  • yes, bearguy, wave your paws about frantically!
  • Well, this IS Blimp Week, SD, so of course there is secret blimp activity. Heck, the first time I declared Blimp Week (scroll down to the very bottom of the category page), the Rolling Stones got on board in a big way! Also, while I'm eschewing direct links in the MoFi posts, allow me to repeat that I am posting longish pieces on the same topics each day on my blog, and believe me, that's where the link frenzy is. Four degrees to port, helmsman. We're bound for points east.
  • Give me enough beer and chocolate and I can wave frantically like a, um, frantic bear. For a long time. Oh yeah.
  • OMG! If we got a MonkeyFilter blimp? Like by pooling all our money and stuff? And then we could go around the world fighting crime and have a band and get chicks and stuff! We'd spread love and joy and illegitimate children wherever we go. That would totally rawk. We'd need some costumes though. I'll be known as "Johnny Jingo" and I'll play a totally tricked-out red, white, and blue banjo that doubles as a flamethrower. I'll be the quiet, sensitive one.
  • I'll be "Billy Ion" - positively charged for love, negative on crime.
  • (photo of the aforementioned d.c. blimp. note please the washington monument's beady little eyes, trying to ignore it.)
  • Wow, it looks sinister. Time to fire up the MonkeyBlimp! Foggy Mountain Breakdown, everybody! *starts pickin' and grinnin'*
  • U. S. Army Airships, 1908-1942, a review of a book on the Army's LTA program.
  • Imre Nagy's airship design: kind of like a houseboat of the skies 21st Century Airships: spherical, 90ft diameter, personal airship
  • mwhybark, those are great links for modellers! Can't say I've done any ship/airship models since my early twenties, but enjoy toy theatres. Keep running out of places to put them, though, so a number of still-unconstructed ones sit around, waiting.
  • I'll be "Misty May" and hurl flaming volleyballs at all evildoers, then kick sand in their faces.
  • And yeah, the DC blimp is a little creepy.
  • Sooooz, you could be Daisy May and hurl flaming webcams at masturbating boyfriends.
  • We could totally do it. Be better to be air pirates though. If everyone's going to start using zeppelins again, it won't be long till dashing scientist-adventurer types are needed to redistribute the wealth. A horde of monkeys swarming through the air in biplanes would fill any miser's heart with fear. Dibs on Cid when we get new names/powers.
  • I'll be GuardBear and guard the supplies of beer and chocolate. *burp
  • I don't trust him. He looks shifty to me. With those wee beady eyes...
  • This is a bit late, but anagramophone, that's some sweet linkage. Dunno how the heck I missed that sphere guy.