September 29, 2004

Hitherby Dragons "When you promise something that humans can't fulfill," Erin says, "you don't have to be human any more." "Can't," Branwen says. "Not 'don't have to.'"

Rebecca Borgstrom's Hitherby Dragons is an ongoing series of short stories. At first they seem disconnected, but common threads start to emerge after a while. She mixes together fantasy, magic realism, pop culture, theology, and a double helping of whimsy. Some good ones to start on might be the legends, e.g. Ragnarok, Seven Men, or Rainbow Noir. For a quick primer on some of Hitherby's metaphysics, try the People of Salt history starting with The Flower. (Via Websnark.)

  • Hitherby Dragons is extremely cool. I've been reading it intermittently since it started. It's well-known in the RPG community (outs self as a total geek) because the author was one of the creators of Nobilis. If you're into nanofiction, I also like Anacrusis, which may or may not prove to link together in the same way at some point in the future.
  • Wot handsome tales! Bookmarked this one. Thank you, allusion!
  • I have to agree. I'm just stunned by some of the things in there.
  • She looks like Weird Al in drag.
  • I've bookmarked it as well - definitely worth spending some time there.
  • Very nice, and what others have said...bookmarked.