September 29, 2004

A database of Congress travels. Find out who went where on whose dime, and perhaps gain some insight on why your representative voted a certain way on that drug bill.
  • An entry from David Price's info: Sponsor - Aspen Institute Dates - May 23, 2004 - May 28, 2004 (6 days) Location - Barcelona, Spain Purpose - to participate in a conference on Political Islam Notes - spouse, Lisa Price Travel Cost - $4,510.20 Lodging Cost - $2,275.00 Meal Cost - $3,936.00 Other Cost - Total Cost - $10,721.20 Additional family members - Yes Six days and his meal costs were almost $4000??? Where and what was he eating?
  • babies. beauty post tho - I meant to grab that one - thanks!
  • Motel Seis?
  • I am so disappointed to find that my loathsome representative has taken only a few trips, without his family, to events that seem to bear directly to his responsibilities. Damn!