September 29, 2004

Create a Fake Phantom Limb - Ever heard of Phantom Limb syndrome? Well, there ya go. Now you can have a phantom limb syndrome of your own, by fooling your brain. See how stupid your brain is? Your brain can be fooled so easily. Mine too. Depressing, really.

George W. Bush has phantom limb syndrome in his head.

  • This is a great post. However, I have to call nonsequiter on the Bush comment. What the flip does it have to do with this post?
  • Interesting stuff. Wonder if anyone in the office here is willing to try the experiment...?
  • No Jane! Not the phantom limb in my head! Anything but the phantom limb in my head!
  • This has fascinating implications for teledildonics.
  • It's only what we think we think -- It isn't really there; Our castles are not built in Spain, They're only made of air.
  • i want a fake phantom limb to clean my bathroom
  • for some reason this reminded me of the stranger.
  • Aim high SideDish! I want me a fake phantom tail to express all the things I wish not to say...
  • non sequitur non sequitur non sequitur non sequitur. There, we all know how to spell it now. Easy, isn't it?
  • Wolof is a peedeeyant, nanny nanny boo boo Hmmmpfh! You three Monkeys in the corner, quit tapping that! And put your pants back on.
  • George W. Bush has phantom limb syndrome in his head. No, that's actually Karl Rove's hand.
  • Wouldn't a fake phantom limb be a real limb?
  • f8r: it was a cheap shot, lobbed en passant. but it was funny.
  • oops, i meant "f8x"