September 29, 2004

The World's Smallest Public Cinema Nottingham (yes, that Nottingham) is the home of the Screen Room Cinema, which with 21 seats (plus 1 for the attendant) is likely the coziest public movie-watching experience you'll ever enjoy. You can tour the facility with the 360 view tool on the BBC site linked above. If you prefer live entertainment, however, why not try the Theatre of Small Convenience, a 12-seat performance space converted out of a Victorian-era gentlemen's loo. Them whacky Brits!
  • Last Edinburgh, or maybe the one before, I believe, there was a theatre piece that took place in the front seats of a car driving around town. The audience (all three of them) were sat in the back. Smallest theatre ever? (It seems to be some kind of Edinburgh competition, who can find the most awkward space to do tiny theatre in each year...)
  • i love the idea of theatre in different spaces, ones that aren't 'theatres' in the traditional sense (although there are theories that propose that theatre is anything, anywhere people stop to watch it) for last years' fringe, the organisers set up their temporary booking office in an old tram at fed square, then crammed a 5-seat theatre into the back of it (where they showcased top fringe shows, including the one i worked on! yay me!) it was an awesome little space, which worked so beautifully for the intimacy and passion of our show... speaking of shows, go see my current one (i wrote the music) the incredible melk's booty pageant /gratuitous pluggage
  • flashboy: There was a similar play at the Toronto Fringe Festival a couple of years back. Two actors sat in the front seats of a parked car while patrons were let into the "theatre" a pair at a time for a 15-minute show.
  • meanwhile, the funky theater in my 'hood just closed. eaten up by the multi-plexes. arg. it was cool, there was a cafe and bar attached and they played silent B&W movies on the walls.