September 28, 2004

Ligons and Tigons and Zorses, oh my! Ligers and Tigons and Zorses, oh my! (and leopons and wolphins and...)

why did no one ever tell me about this before?

  • Shhhhh... dude... you're wrecking my super top secret plans for an elephant-monkey hybrid that will obey only me and fight for justice and righteousness and... and... you know, that sort of thing. AND! I shall name him JumboKong.
  • I find this a bit disturbing, yet fascinating. I am not entirely sure why.
  • Having just come from seeing Napoleon Dynamite, I find this post to be pretty funny.
  • I *love* zonies. Gimme one.
  • Did anyone else think they Jaglion was kind of creepy?
  • I was personally creeped out by the stop-motion footage of the leopard/lioness mating. The caption for the picture said that the lioness was willing and that the two were affectionate. weeird.
  • Ligers and Tigons always fascinated me as a kid. There was something distinctly mad scientish about them. Rule of thumb: if you're cross breeding a wolf and a chihuahua, make sure the wolf is the female. Otherwise, it's apt to get messy.
  • How about a Chuman?
  • How about a Chuman? YIKES! Not only do they exist, they're taking over the country! Curious George?
  • TP: somehow I can't get that image out of my mind.