September 28, 2004

What's red and fluffy? Red fluff! Oh, and these $1,200, full-length real angora sweater gowns. A tad too much angora? Then try the much-smaller angora bikini.
  • Ick. Just ick.
  • (kimdog, i thought more along the lines of: itch, just itch... heh.)
  • Angora's not itchy at all, or at least it shouldn't be. But yea, icky. The gowns are so bulky. Who wants to look like that on a special occasion?
  • About the bikini: This should not be used for swimming or in the water.
  • why does angora itch me? oh, dear, maybe i'm allergic to it. it makes me all hot, too. and not in a good way.
  • Sidedish, can we have your assurance that nothing on this site arises from anything in this earlier post of yours??
  • they'd need a bunch o' bwhaaaaaaaaha's to make those dresses! and maybe half a bwhaaaaaaaha to make a bikini.
  • Those women look like Sasquatch. I think an evening dress made of rip-stop nylon and filled with goose down would be just as sexy. And a lot more practical. Oh wait. That's already been done, hasn't it?
  • Quick! Someone notify the Furry community!
  • Mrowr. Nothing says "take me now" to me like a pair of jubblies wrapped in fur. Of course, I never had much of a problem with this...
  • Besides, I didnt see nary a bunny on that page. I think she's just using dryer lint.
  • Angora is loverly soft and warm but it makes me sneeze. and its a PITA to clean. That's why all my clothes are made of factory-sewn polar fleece.
  • Quality isn't expensive: Comic Sans is free! (this page has Ed Wood written all over it)
  • ew, isn't angora a type of bunny?
  • yes, warrior, like these here