September 28, 2004

Ahnold Bans Smoking in California Prisons (First let me say I did a search...really I did). Governor Schwarzenegger has banned smoking in California prisons, as the title here would suggest. Supporters say it will save the state on smoking-related health costs...

But, will it cost the state more in withdrawal-related crankiness health costs? When you and I are craving a smoke, we might get snippy. When prisoner C14578 has a craving, somebody might get shivved. Thoughts?

  • When things are banned, it just makes the price of the banned object go up. Also, drugs are already banned, so we know that there can't be any drugs making their way into prisons - right?
  • Let the rioting commence!
  • Smoking what exactly? ;)
  • (an interesting intersection of the prison-rape thread and the cops-kill-smoker thread....)
  • In related news, the value of the cigarette was sharply reduced after the Governor's announcement of a smoking ban for California prisons. Deflation of this particular prison currency is going to wreak hell with the isolated economy. 5,000 cigarettes for a poster of Rita Hayworth? Are you F%$&ing nuts?!
  • wow. somehow this just seems cruel and unusual to me. I dont smoke but if I had to go to prison I think I might want to start again...
  • I think this is an excellent idea. I don't see why prisoners who wish to smoke can't simply go outside the prison for a few minutes, and perhaps make up the time in the evening. It's fairly obvious that the only people who would object to this would be traitorous liberal squid-creatures with three eyeballs who come from the planet Foggleroj and who are both girly and yet also "men".
  • Hardly surprising. The entire state seems to be non-smoking now.
  • ...
  • So, what will the internal currency be from now on? Shiny beads? Straws? Toothpicks? If this doesn't cause a state-wide riot or is overruled in a week, I'll be very surprised.
  • So all the filesharers who don't provide a true name and address will be out $2500, and they won't be able to smoke?
  • Whooooboy does this ever sound like a bad idea. Next they'll be banning sugar.
  • No smokes in the pen? Ouch. Well, on the bright side at least they will more likely live out their sentences and be able to resume their careers. Yep, Arnold Schwarzenegger for Governor. That was a good idea.
  • Well obviously the forced male prostitution trade is going to take its place. I can relate to the idea that liberals can be oversensitive, but you don't respond to that by being outright cruel.
  • Yep, Arnold Schwarzenegger for Governor. That was a good idea. As I look around, day after day, when I'm not laughing, I notice that it's getting harder and harder to keep from shitting myself with fear.