September 28, 2004

Addicting Games. You will never be productive again. [mostly flash]
  • What makes you think I was productive before?
  • Pardon me, for "productive", read "producting".
  • This one is my favourite so far.
  • This one is my favourite so far. GOOD TIMES!! WooHoo, look at me! I spanked my monkey over 229 mph. Beat that suckuz!
  • They even have a game (poorly) based on "The Apprentice" Thankyou so much for this. 9-5 will be so much more pleasent.
  • Hah, my best was 600 something. (Using a touchpad helps.)
  • Make that 299 mph. Of course, I knocked the keyboard off my desk doing it.......
  • /heavy sigh.....Whatevvvvuuuuuurrrrrrr............
  • Let me say, I should get a handicap, fuyugare, 'cause I'm a girl. I don't regularly spank my monkey like you guys do. /bats eyelashes
  • Not to mention pleasant
  • This one wins some kind of award for not only turning me into a squealing little girl a hundred times over*, but also for the most sickeningly sweet rendition of Pachbell's Canon. * Note: I was a 24 y/o boy before.
  • This has to be the hardest Galaga clone ever! Maybe it's easier with a real mouse...
  • spanked the monkey at 320 mph!
  • PacBell's Cannon? Also, does gare of fuyu ever sleep?
  • Oh, izzat how he spells his name? My music knowledge is practically zero. Does a winter desolation sleep? What?!
  • Sleeping allows your body to heal itself. You are made to do it. Try it, werry werry goot!
  • monkeys!
  • Do you know how hard some of these are to play with a touchpad? If I weren't so god damn lazy (so lazy I want to play flash games all day), I would have to get out the mouse. Especially for the defending castle game. Good to see the Mini-putt there - I've been playing that one since it was first put up the student who wrote it on a university server - I just hope they've gotten something good out of it. Ohh! Connect 4! - Now's time to see if I still have chops - I was in the championship (against my brother at the cottage - I came in second.). (Also can be played with a touchpad.)