September 28, 2004

Think Globally, fuck locally. You silly bastards, it's still monday pacific west coast time, so here's some Monday MP3 Madness! Coming straight out Ukraine, vi NYC, is the greatest punk band of all time: Gogol Bordello. Bizarre arrangements,wonderful lyrics, and mixing the intense energy of Gypsy music with combat political wierdness rock.

I had the fortune to have a beer with Eugene Hutz recently, and the man is goddamned brilliant. Read his manifesto, check his list of music he gets his inspiration from. And should you ever get the chance to see them, DO IT. Cabaret, firehoses, excessive drunkeness, screaming women dressed in ancient chinese future-garb, and Hutz leading the way with a crazy kind of look in his eyes only seen in rabid dogs and buddha at enlightenment.

  • Another analogy: Think Marco + Blacky, all the best parts from the first half of Underground, and most importantly, the pool hall fight scene. That's Gogol Bordello.
  • There are 2 tracks from Hutz's side project up @ TTIKTDA right now. The band is in Chicago recording a new album with Steve Albini @ the moment. It will fucking rock.
  • And it's Drink Locally, Fuck Globally.
  • Underground. Kusturica. Yay! I'm not interested in whether Underground is Serbian propaganda or not. What I am interested is a bloke who has got the guts to deliver full-on Fellinian absurdist spectacle in this day and age. We digs it.
  • Captain Psyko: It's actually Think Globally, Fuck locally. I chalk that up to PBR.
  • damnit. Think Locally, Fuck Globally. I'm a complete moran right now.
  • It's official.....I LOVE IT!!!!! Fucking fantastic, and I do NOT say that lightly. I'm absolutely going to buy 'TG,FL' and some of the shit on his list, at least what I can get a hold of. This will be great for my kids to listen to. Ya know, broaden their musical horizon. BTW, nice to see Tom Waits and J. Cash on the list.
  • It used to be Drink Locally - at least, on the poster on my wall behind me. And Darshon - the best album to start with is "Multi Kontra Culti Vs. Irony"
  • I particularly like Gypsy Part of Town. Klezmer hip hop rules!
  • Man, I missed the dude who was playing Klezmerhouse tunes at a local club last Saturday, because I was too tired and drunk to go see it. I'd been looking forward to it all week, and all. The lack of commitment on my part, when the guy who was DJing having been fasting all day, is staggering. Anyway, Klezmer is sooo the new rock'n'roll.
  • Eugene Hutz can also be seen in the movie Everything is Illuminated. He's fantastic.
  • Highly enjoyable!