September 28, 2004

All the Plants of the Bible This is a list of all the plants in the Bible arranged alphabetically by common name. For accuracy, the scientific name is also included.
  • Since when are yeast and fungi 'plants'?
  • And there is Dove's Dung. Which might be Star of Bethlehem. From the Department of A Rose By Any Other Name
  • Since when are yeast and fungi 'plants'? Since The Creation, I think.
  • Always wondered what a "rose of Sharon" looks like. Great site, thanks!
  • Hmmm, the list lacks Erythroxylum Coca Papaver Somniferum and Cannabis Sativa. God chose to say nothing about these most interesting plants?
  • There's a biblical reserve in Israel where they've planted most of the plants that appear in the bible.
  • um..Hebrew Bible.
  • And yea, did Noah's son Ham bring unto the Ark a coil of hemp rope measuring one hundred fifty cubits in length. Saith Moses unto Ham, "What are you doing with that rope?" And Ham saith unto his father, "I'm jus' carryin' it, man!"
  • I wonder if these are the plants in the original texts, or are they English approximations used by the King James translators?