September 27, 2004

If All Stories Were Written Like Science Fiction Stories
  • Correction: if all stories were written like bad science fiction stories.
  • I just finished reading neuromancer last week. The way this is written reminds me of it, but sucks at the same time. Its almost as if someone tried to imitate Gibson's style of writing, only exaggerated it to the point where it's unbearable, in an attempt to make the author seem witty. Interesting.
  • I thought it was cute.
  • I liked it too. Funny.
  • I liked it too. So there, haters!
  • It's brilliant.
  • I thought it was kind of amusing how so many folks on MeFi couldn't see the humor in this. It's pretty funny, really, but perhaps too close to the mark for some humorless sci fi fans.
  • I'm not a sci-fi fan, and I don't find it funny. It reads like a parody of Gibson, whom I don't find funny either.
  • As I said in the MeFi thread, I found it funny, but it's a parody of bad sf of the '20s, not more recent stuff.
  • Heh, it reminds me more of recent technothrillers than nothings else. I used to write SF that way (imitatively) but I found the error of my ways. And, fuyugare, Gibson's style isn't supposed to be funny. Although I still don't know what it's supposed to be.
  • I was unmoved.
  • as opposed to this SF?
  • I saw this earlier, after browsing around a link from a thread about conlangs. And I thought it was cute. It brings up a problem with writing SF: how do you convey all the nifty and amazing bits of your setting without getting bogged down in pages and pages of boring exposition?
  • I just looked at the mefi thread for the first time, and am somewhat amused by the synchronicity in the first three comments. Two negatives followed by an "I thought it was cute" (or, actually, "i think it's cute" in the blue.) I hereby dub myself Bizarro Inksyndicate!