September 27, 2004

Buffalo Church Opens Own SUBWAY Restaurant "How does eat and worship sound to you. A Buffalo Church is the first church in America to open it's own Subway Restaurant."
  • "Get your money changed! Right here in the temple!" /simpsons
  • Hmmm...wonder what this does to the church's tax-exempt status? Anyway, it opens up all kinds of new possibilities. Nike Church of Christ, Pepsi Baptist Church, Subway to Heaven...
  • Everything made sense when I saw "Baptist Church". OK, let the hate mail roll...
  • I'd like a hot Italian. Wait, what?
  • isnt the question "footlong or six inch" somewhat sinful in itself?
  • "nest to of course god buffalo i love you land of submarine sandwiches or hoagies or hero's red glare and chicken wings and eagle scouts in the subway swaying the varied carols i hear clear signals ringing i send a message to garcia with ketchup and mustard and where is the mayo why is the mayor in little packets and do ya call that a cuppa coffee?" He choked. choked it down. And no one noticed.
  • So much for the separation of church and steak.
  • Alex Reynolds- Lovely, really. Nice.
  • Alex Reynolds, I love you!
  • WWJD - What would Jared do?
  • Well, since one of the main activities in Buffalo is food consumption, I'm not so surprised. =P
  • Are the parishoners now going to be offered a choice between "white" and "whole wheat" during communion?
  • Got to give islander his props too!