September 26, 2004

The Genesis Project. "Where might you find the origins of life in the universe? Astrobiologists are looking everywhere — in laboratories, in the icy dark of Antarctic waters and, someday, beneath the surface of one of Jupiter's moons."
  • I know of someone who will be very interested in this project.
  • What exactly IS Genesis? Well, put simply, Genesis is life from lifelessness. It is a process whereby the molecular structure is reorganized at the sub-atomic level into life generating matter of equal mass. Stage One of our experiments was conducted in the laboratory. Stage Two of the series will be attempted in a lifeless underground; Stage Three will involve the process on a planetary scale. /geek
  • Seems that this stuff takes the place of religion for atheists.
  • squidranch: no, that's the Singularity you're thinking of.
  • Nostrildamus, it's clear that Kirk meant to use the Genesis torpedo as a deliberate attack on the Klingon people.
  • Khaaaaan!!!
  • MCT made me do it: Khaaaaan!!!
  • Squidranch, I used to take that aproach (also the Singularity one). But now I'm a complete cynic atheist. Making fun even of other die-hard atheists like Richard Dawkins. The thruth is that I became an atheist because I found that the world view that science gave me was even more wondrous and fascinating that any approach made by religions (even buddhism) and fueled my imagination to reach states only compared to a zen-like satori. Even then, I think that science in itself is a tool for undestanding the world and nothing else. And that what really makes me feel so enriched by it is my mind and the way it tries to make sense out of it, just like anybody feels enriched by the way their minds interpret their own beliefs.
  • Tonight and tomorrow on PBS: Origins