September 21, 2004

We men don't get this kind of lovin' :-(
  • I just wanted to see the phrase: “You have sucessfully posted 254,847 pictures of female celebrities to Monkeyfilter.” It was worth it ;-)
  • Oh good. That is actually the link. Right. I thought some really evil malware-type shitey fuckage had just taken over my computer. I am relieved. 1,116 pictures of Alyson Hannigan, though? Jesus. I want some kind of filter service for that. I just don't have the time to look through all those photos*. I don't suppose someone could just tell me which the best ones are? Or something? *I mean, there's pictures of Elijah Wood on the internet too, you know. Time is limited.
  • When you are in love there is no such thing as a bad picture.
  • True.
  • I don't know why, but this site bothers me a lot. From the 'about' page:
    The purpose of this site is to keep a huge collection of quality pictures of female celebrities available for free on the net.
    IANAL, but I don't buy his claim that this is fair use. Nowhere does he claim that this is for the purposes of scholarship or research. In fact, his motivation seems to be simply that he doesn't like for-pay celebrity pictures sites. I think he needs to have permission of the copyright holders to use these images on his site.
  • Sorry 'bout that though. I'm on OS X and I tend to forget about Windows' vulnerabilities. Too late now.
  • *gnah* /me slumps across desk in a geek-love coma...
  • Well, this is a bunch of fucking bullshit! Where the hell are my pictures of David Beckham??? HHHhhhhhmmmmmmmmmmm............????? Is there not a male version of this site? Chicks, bleh! Who cares.
  • This male version is much smaller.
  • 1096 Christina Ricci pictures can't be wrong.
  • David Beckham? Why do you need pictures of him? Jerry's already given you a couple of hundred thousand pictures of other girls.
  • Oh, and Eva Haberman. Du-roool, du-roool.
  • pictures of other girls *rodger goals*
  • i wonder if women, in general, want to look at sexy pictures of men as much as men, in general, want to look at sexy pictures of women. somehow i doubt it. i once had a subscription to playgirl but vastly preferred the fiction over the pictures. really. i read it for the articles. literally.
  • *leans back in carved throne, steeples fingers, flicks forked tail back and forth* Mm. Rena Sofer screenshots. Exxxxxxxxcelllent.
  • We're a visually stimulated breed, my dear SideDish, subject nearly beyond our control to bright colors and soft curves. Whereas women, I suspect, are less susceptible to these sorts of stimuli. So what's the female equivalent of Rena Sofer screenshots, anyway? Obsession for Men? Black Amex? Green eyes and a pirate smile?
  • This male version is much smaller. Or there are so many evil possibilities of this out of context.
  • SideDish, I know a lot of women who are either as or more excited about pictures of men. A couple of SFW Livejournal examples.
  • Now, that's what I'm talking about. Most women are not visually stimulated. But a few are, and for the record, when I am looking at David Beckham, it's like volts of electricity going through me. It's very weird, I can't think of anyone else that does that to me. I get very quivery even thinking of him. Yes, I know.....I'm pathetic. I'm very weak in this area. David Beckham? Why do you need pictures of him? Jerry's already given you a couple of hundred thousand pictures of other girls. *rodger goals* Say what you will, gentlemen. It matters not. The power he holds over me is undeniable. Besides, I don't need conversation from him, just sex. Nothing but sex.
  • If I wanted to draw generalizations, I'd say that female fans tend to fawn/drool in groups, while male fans, well. Not so much. So you'd probably find more hotguyworship in communities, where it's a) harder to find and b) because of the context, probably more scary. I've heard of a lot of circles like the ones shawnj posted, although it's not my thing personally (no offense, just not very visual.)
  • B E N I C I O....MUST HAVE PICTURES OF BENICIO....droooollll....
  • I'm with you, Medusa. Man, now I have to watch Traffic again.
  • Fellow monkeymen, if these girls go for a weird-ass looking dude like Benicio del Toro, there's hope for us yet.
  • i'm still hot for hamid. karzai, that is. prrrrr.
  • Benicio del Toro......sigh...sleepy smile.
  • Right. That's it. At two comments, I could ignore it, but now three of you have said it. This Benicio del Toro thing. Please explain it to me. I cannot understand it. It is, surely, deeply wrong, and you are all very troubled people. No?
  • Who is Benico del Toro?
  • Benicio del Toro, yes yes. I see he's going to play Che Guevara soon. Interesting.
  • Is this what they call "rugged good looks"?
  • Oh, and Becks meets Ali G.
  • This in a world that also includes Gael Garcia Bernal? (Has already played Che; also, looks good in a dress.)
  • Being mexican and having a spanish name: The only two latino things I got, and none of them attract women.
  • rogerd - that was brilliant. Victoria Beckham is sharp - she gave Ali G as good as she got.
  • I don't know if she's *that* sharp. But it's a sad commentary on David Beckham that Posh Spice is an arch-wit compared to him.
  • Well, sharp is relative. She's sharper than I am, for thinking on her feet. Anyone who can keep up with Ali G is impressive. (He's like an anti-Bill O'Reilly - opposite, but just as relentless).
  • /heavy sigh........The mere thought of Posh makes me ill. As far as I am concerned, David can keep his happy (and supremely gorgeous) ass in bed, where I can always find him. His true talents are hidden. As far as Ali G, gotta love him. The man is bright.