September 21, 2004

Women and Dogs
  • There is a fine line between sweet and creepy that this website rests upon.
  • There is some even more exciting news!! A company called KissMeKwik have contacted me to say that they would like to use my images to make some greetings cards! I gave it some thought, let me tell you, and I have decided that it is okay but that I don't think it's right for me to personally profit from these pictures as they are not pictures of me or my family and I have already profited just from finding and being able to own them. So any money that I would make will instead be donated to the RSPCA. Goph: I think this guy's pretty cool!
  • MonkeyFilter: a fine line between sweet and creepy
  • I was sure this was going to be some much creepier porn thing
  • i vote for sweet!
  • i vote for doublepost!
  • possibly triplepost - well, at least if you count the blue. Not that there's anything wrong with that!
  • Aw crap
  • Dog crap?