November 26, 2003

1.800.201.7575 - That's the number for customer service, in case you've been as frustrated as I am that the only way to get in touch with them is to email them. Why is phone support lacking from their business plan? Once word spreads will they change it?
  • I know the same is also true for eBay. The law firm at which I work was involved in a lawsuit related to some eBay fraud. We needed to get statements from eBay regarding their buyer protection provisions, and to even get an address to which we could send service of process was a major ordeal. Apparently avoiding customer complaints (except via email) is a big part of their business plan.
  • Kimberly, I've called Amazon customer service several times without any problems, having found the phone number on their Web site. That was a few years ago though - has their policy changed to only allowing email communication? Even when I've emailed them about an issue it was resolved fairly quickly. It is frustrating to not be able to talk to a human being though.
  • The number is gone from their site. Recently, someone used my boyfriend's credit card number to purchase over $500 worth of merchandise. He's notoriously paranoid about his privacy and is very careful with his number etc. The situation was resolved to our satisfaction, but it was especially frustrating for him to have to deal with this via email instead of through a live person.
  • Anybody tried the number recently?
  • Aw, this is back when jim_t was still "my boyfriend". "My" meaning Kimberly's, obviously.
  • Huh. Didn't there used to be a pub around here?
  • Hmm, the life changes of the monkeys would be interesting to track.
  • I can see the wiki page now...