September 11, 2004

Introducing the Paris Hilton Collection exclusively at

"Paris Hilton is a renowned jetsetter and socialite," the "about Paris Hilton" blurb tells us. My OED and were unable to tell me what a "jetsetter" was, which led me to conclude that it was the perfect word for her - sounds cool and snazzy, but is actually quite meaningless. As for the collection itself, it's anywhere between preschool and tasteful. Whatever. I'm just mad that "About Paris Hilton" failed to mention her porn career completely. Your thoughts?

  • Mfpb - Jet-setter
  • ok... i thought i would see if there were any pink fur-covered sex-toys to go with her night-vision green porn career, and stumbled across this. Probably NSFW. Definitely OT.
  • jetsetter
  • don't forget the pearl necklace...
  • You put "fur" and "sex" in the same search box and you were suprised with the results?
  • stumbled across this Related [SFW]
  • She's a babe.
  • you can make crystal from plastic?
  • I think this thread should be linked to the thread about having cows discourage public sex acts. What could be more erection-discouraging than the hideous, stupid cow that is Paris Hilton and her equally ugly and stupid entourage?
  • Goatse, the tub girl.. I'd go on but I don't want to have nightmares
  • I'd like to take this opportunity to say that today I ran over two pigeons having sex.
  • That is excellent and exciting news, mfpb. Thanks you for sharing ... Anyone else have something for show and tell? :)