September 11, 2004

The History of Eating Utensils The Rietz Food Technology Collection, housed at the California Academy of Sciences.
  • Love this sort of trivia. I'm actually surprised that they didn't mention food items that are used as utensils, like flat bread, tortillas and even the slices of bread that are used to consume the contents of a sandwich.
  • Who the hell would eat a untensil?
  • It's probably an archeological bias - they just don't dig up too many pre-columbian tortillas :)
  • Oh - and this post is amazing. I've just been reading out to my roommate the explanation of North American eating habits (under "Forks"), which I also read about in a book on American colonial archeology.
  • Untensils...the most laid back utensils you ever used. No dishwashing necessary. If the slices of bread used to consume (and consumed along with) sandwich contents can be considered utensils, then my favorite edible utensils include pizza crust and ice cream cones.