September 11, 2004

What's that font? Or that picture? Want to become a font detective?

First you must learn about font anatomy (stems, spurs, and beaks— what chimæras are these?); then, master the arcane art of typeface classification; finally, practice, practice, practice. Sure sounds like a lot of work, doesn't it? Wouldn't it be great if a computer did the work instead?

  • Oops, that should have been chimæras. Must preview harder.
  • This is like candy to a Font Addict like myself. Thanks! (yes, I attend FA meetings. What's it to ya?)
  • What chimaeras are these? Fantastic post... and timely as well, bizarrely enough. [banana]
  • Also there's WhatTheFont.
  • Good night everyone. My name is Flagpole, and am a Frutiger addict. Ah, WhatTheFont has been a lifesaver. Client: 'I want the typeface to be... nice, special, modern, trendy, unique...' Flagpole: 'OK, any preference? ' (flagpole brings out Letraset book) Client: 'Oh, yes, I saw that one on the bottle of Naive water/the wrap of some chocolate bar/the one on that bank ad/the one on the warning on the side of towel dispensers at my local pub...' Flagpole: 'AARRRGHHH!'
  • rolypolyman: Hmm, what are you pointing out? I linked to WTF, didn't I?
  • Sorry, my bad.