September 11, 2004

Name that Game! Video games sound FX quiz. A companion piece to the PBS documentary The Videogame Revolution. Only for the truly old skool.
  • 14 of 18. Even to this day I can't hear the Zelda "life alert" beeping without wincing just a little bit.
  • Sinistar ...ah sweet memories
  • Ahh... so many memories. Sitting in a basement playing with the coleco vision/NES/ How i miss those days
  • 16 of 18, not sure if that's a good ting or not :) Never saw the ET game and didn't play Burger Time much. The Berzerk clip was always among my favorites.
  • 14 of 18. Should've gotten a few of those that I missed; in a few cases I owned the game in question.
  • 16. Oh well. I'm off for a beer, get back home alone, and drink more until I pass out.
  • Excellent. Cheers (I got a pretty rubbish 10)
  • 15/18. For some reason I didn't get the Zelda one.
  • Yeah, that Zelda clip really didn't sound like the low life alert; it seemed less annoying than I remember. (14/18)
  • Also, because I'm drunk, and almost shameless, I reckon everyone should look at my (incomprehensible) computer game quizzes