September 11, 2004

The Map of Springfield - You're probably thinking of vacationing in beautiful Springfield USA - many people do! Why not use this handy Guide to Springfield to thoroughly plan your holiday! Nicked from Incoming Signals

Disclaimer: Due to the fact that the city of Springfield depicted in the humorous comedy television show 'The Simpsons' does not in fact exist, the map will never be completely accurate. This should not upset your holiday in any way at all.

  • Nothing says "geek with too much spare time" like the obsessive documenting of a fictitious place. I love it.
  • Great find. It would be awesome to incorporate alternative visions, like that site from a few weeks ago about misperceptions of real geography. Next Mission: to sit down with roommate and see how many locations we can track back to episodes. Yes, I am a big loser.
  • No shotsy, you are just Simpsonified (it's fun to make up words like embiggens or cromulent.) The map has the Springfield post office next to the town hall and library but no where near the cemetary. Is this how it usually is? In the episode where Homer first finds out that his Mom isn't dead he is in the post office and the cemetary is visible from there.
  • things have repeatedly change as epsiodes demand. Sometimes there is one gorge out of town, sometimes an ocean, etc The only thing that seems to be consistently located is that King Toot's music store is located by Moe's, although it has only played a part in one episode I recall. (yes, major Simpsons geek here)
  • I look forward to watching the Simpsons most every weeknight in reruns but then when I watch the episode, I am disappointed in that I have already seen it and know the outcome of the episode. Even as this has been one of the most consistently fine shows on television, I think I have reached a Simpson saturation point, just as I did as a kid with All In The Family and The Flintstones. Too much of a good thing...
  • Too much of a good thing Blasphemy! I, too, get annoyed when they only show on reruns the episodes I've seen ten billion times. (They don't run the union episode at all, hardly.) So here's the next step: Name that episode. See how quickly you can identify which episode it is, based on the first few seconds of the show. I've gotten down to about three seconds per each.
  • It takes a truy tired, or angry, or busy Flagpole to avoid watching a Simpsons rerun. Sure, you know all the punchlines, the trivia, the ending... and that's the fun! Specially if you're with another addict fan... And that map, printed to fill two letter-sized pages, was the best gift for two friends, some time ago. Also printed out a big version for an acquaintances' cubicle wall; that looked great.
  • Awesome link. )) The Springfield map reminded me of the fantastical locations on the 1980 Disneyland map from a trip oh so long ago...