September 10, 2004

A robot that eats flies and smells like shit.
  • Yay! Hopefully this technology will be widely available and implemented soon. (Seriously, that's very cool. Even if Seanbaby wouldn't approve.)
  • I made one that eats bees and smells like pretty flowers. But mine didn't get in the news because it's not funny. And also because I just made it up.
  • This brings me memories (fairly recent ones) from my final project for robotics, Real Time Pathfinding with moving obstacles. I have to boast that my robot had the fastest algorithms and took it no time finding it's way. Sweet memories.
  • Oh. I almost forgot... I for one welcome our fly-eating/waste-shitting robot overlords.
  • A robot that eats flies and smells like shit. Sounds like an ex boss I had.
  • Synthetic snot might help robot nose smell trouble Hope these two robots never get in a room together!
  • I don't know, my *real* snot seems to prevent olfactory sensation. Man, I love talking about my snot.