September 10, 2004

This is why I hate goddamn hippies via mefi archives
  • sorry, some pics NSFW
  • I think George Lucas would be very interested in this dillution of trademark. frickin' hippies.
  • So, only hippies pass out while dead drunk/stoned?
  • If you drink/toke too much in college, you will not only pass out but also fail out.
  • Looks like there's a wide selection of people to hate while they're passed out. Hippies, computer-geeky-lookin'-guys, guy who looks like my dad, a frat boy...
  • Uncle I swear I tried to kill as many hippies as I could at burning man, but only so many of the furry beasts fit in the fire...
  • fuyugare, I resent that. I am a 3rd year student at a University, maintain a 3.3 GPA, and drink/toke too much at least 2 nights a week, often more. In addition, I engage in other sinful acts that are just as enjoyable.
  • ...drink/toke too much at least 2 nights a week... Amateur.
  • Obviously, LoopyG , you're not drinking/toking too much yet. Try harder.
  • Look at all those baby-faces under all that hair. Thank God those days are over with, I'm all wookied out!
  • All right, i have 1 week till classes start, I can make sure I drink/toke too much every night this next week.
  • Perfect. We demand photos when you 'wookie out'.
  • Come on....everyone at some time has had a wookie moment..maybe without the stench and natty dreads, but a wookie moment none the less.
  • > This is why I hate goddamn hippies don't matter. they love you, man.
  • having survived the '60's in prime form, i fail to see any resemblance between hippies as i knew them and this. /please don't hate me.