September 08, 2004

The Photography of Yann Arthus-Bertrand.
  • This is lovely. I wondered how they managed all those farm animals in a photography studio until I saw these two.
  • I wish I could speak French.
  • Just beautiful, thanks.
  • These are simply grand pictures -- all of them. I got lost in tere for an hour. Thanks, PY. Among the horses is an Akhal Teke, and even some Allapoosas! He seems particularly interested in showing the rapport/relationship between people and animals. The island landscapes are also worth a second look.
  • beeswacky, I wouldn't know an Akhal Teke from an Allapoosa (or even an Appaloosa) but I do sense that rapport. Most of the animal shots feel intimate, like a kind of beautiful barnyard boudoir. Dr. Robotnik, I wish I could speak French too, fluently anyway. Some captions are offered in English, and I noticed much more English content via this page (flash required).
    Work on farm animals started in the early 90s. The idea was born from a visit to the Paris agricultural show where Yab became fascinated by the complicity between breeders and their animals.
  • Yes, Bees, I saw this link on the Other Filter and downloaded some of the fantastic horse pics to rotate through as desktops. Wonderful Allapoosas and Lolapoluzas, too. PY, You're right on with that. There's something a bit creepy about a few of these shots, like maybe after hours he whips out a black lace nighty for one of his "special" porcine ladies?
  • I find pigs' voices fascinating, the snort-whistle-bray is such a medley of other critters vocalizations if you listen. Have known several pigs, and they are definitely clever animals.
  • SO WONDERFUL!! Except for picture...Very thankful for cute little baby pig and goat pictures to filter that image out of my head!
  • These are stunning - they feel like oil paintings to me - like Vermeer portraits.
  • That "Pig with a Pearl Earring" is terrific.
  • This is a great thread, but what would happen if you took Yann Arthus-Bertrand and stuck him in an airplane? This. Absolutely awesome photography. Wish I could have FPP'd it.
  • Superb.
  • London from above, at night photos by Jason Hawkes.
  • Yes, water is the new oil.