September 06, 2004

M. You : Actor. Now starring in "The Fickle Fingers of Fame, Fate and Automated Term Recognition Software."

I love that a quirk of circumstance has forced me (and now, perhaps, you (and perhaps even You)) to ponder, bemused, the career of an actor whose sole film performance was uncredited and nearly 50 years ago. Here's hoping that M. is alive and well, somewhere, and that he is right now enjoying a vague, pleasant sensation that he cannot describe.

  • Whaddya think -- does the "M" stand for Mark? Mike? Milton? Marvin? Melvin?
  • I guess it could even be Mary or Molly or Minnie or Mildred...
  • Monkey.
  • Ooh...sexist presumption of me, eh...?
  • Well, the IMDB "this person has no picture" picture makes M. look like a feller, so I think we are reasonably safe with calling M. 'he'. Unless IMDB is the one making the assumption...
  • This gives me a good idea for a movie, sort of an Umberto Eco-meets-"Saving Private Ryan" kind of thing.
  • S/He's not that far removed.
  • rxreed: i love that link!