September 06, 2004

Happy Labor Day, ya'll!

In the US, today is Labor Day. More than just the un-official end of Summer, Labor Day is the only holiday that honors unions and working-class people. A couple of years ago, there was a movement to create a September 11 holiday and get rid of Labor Day, but that seems to have passed. If you're in the US, what do you do for Labor Day (Have a few beers? Watch the Jerry Lewis telethon? Have some beers with Jerry Lewis?) If you're not in the US, do you have a similar holiday?

  • In Europe we have May Day, where traditionally we like to dance around the May Pole, and parade our nukes through Red Square.
  • Today is Labour Day in Canada.
  • In old country, slaves are to being treated with the contempt they are deserve. Many whipped mercilessly are being!
  • "..honors unions and working-class people.." Filthy commies.
  • At IU, we have classes, but the office staff gets the day off. Makes for a fun day especially if, like last year, the first day of class is labor day and you are a grad student expected to teach but your key doesn't work!
  • filthy commies They don't bathe for the advancement of world socialism.. it's a political thing
  • So on Labor Day, nobody goes to work?
  • yes, flag, so we might also call this Irony Day. just so it's not Ironing Day, as i hate that blasted task. which is why i usually walk around at least semi-rumpled. my sweetie and i have the day off, he just went jogging, i rode along on my bike. d.c. has lots of great trails. hope it's nice weather wherever you are!
  • It's suposed to be a general holiday, but yes, for some reason my university is also holding classes today, while all the offices, and the graduate centre is closed (stupid ass grad centre - has such stupidly short hours it's just about useless, stupid undergrads who all get their own common rooms, just because they actually have to pay tuition...). And yes, it should be spelled Labour day, and no schools should start before, because that's just wrong.
  • My Uni isn't having classes today, and campus is pretty much closed. You can tell I'm a graduate student, though, because I'm mad that the libraries and computer labs are closed. That's my job, though: to be mad whenever the library's closed. (You mean it's not open at 4:30 am? But I have to write my dissertation!!) Ironically, my dad had to go to work today, and he works at a unionized shop.
  • So on Labor Day, nobody goes to work? I work in an ER. I go to work. (In about 1.5 hours.) Everyone else in town drinks heavily, gets into fights and gets hit on the heard, or else uses crack and has chest pain. Or both. Then they come to my ER. Also everyone whose own doctor took the day off (because it's like, you know, Labor Day) comes to my ER. *groan*
  • On Labor Day, everyone but the people for whom the holiday was invented get the day off.
  • Dirigible, yup, you got that right. Not only do they not get the day off, they don't get paid time-'n-a-half, eather. Workin' fer the gummint is the way to go. The SO works 4 tens, Tues thru Fri, and since his holiday falls on his scheduled day off, he gets Tuesday, too. Total of four days off to drive the wife nuts. Poor Slithy, at least it's not a full moon. In Europe we have May Day, where traditionally we like to dance around the May Pole So Dubstop, is this, like, nekked May Pole dancing or something really kinky?
  • BlueHorse, as kinky as it gets. Wenches dressed in white robes with lots of ribbons dance around the pole, whilst older guys do some morris dancing. Morris dancing, for those that don't know, is where a bunch of old blokes wearing stockings with bells around their ankles, do a sort of ritual square-dance, whilst vigourously hitting each other with slap-sticks.
  • On Labor Day, everyone but the people for whom the holiday was invented get the day off. That's what my dad, a Vietnam vet, says about Veteran's Day since he always has to work on it.
  • Can't say I bathe for the advancement of anything. Just to get rid of those itchy, scaley crusts.
  • Homunculus, you should really make more of these FPPs.
  • H Dawg FPPs lightly but carries a big comment stick.
  • I was born on Labor Day.
  • Ironically, “May Day” was founded by U.S. workers—and taken away from them as a day to celebrate by a federal government fearful of the wave of large demonstrations for the eight-hour day and massive strikes for justice on the railroads, in the mines and factories that had begun in 1877. Such an action may seem quaint now. But the symbolism of May Day—working people challenging corporate power—still causes fear among the top elite. Just ask George W. Bush and the Republican extremists in Congress. In 2003, Bush proclaimed May 1 as “Loyalty Day” when U.S. citizens should "express allegiance to our nation and its founding ideals, we resolve to ensure that the blessings of liberty endure and extend for generations to come. That same year, Congress, designated May 1 of each year as 'Loyalty Day.'" I heart teh H Dogg.
  • Happy B-day TUM! How young? Confess!
  • Happy B-Day TUM! I was born on Memorial Day. NOT THAT ANYONE REMEMBERED THIS YEAR.