September 06, 2004

The Wooster Collective: A Celebration of Street Art. Warning: may cause your visual cortex to implode with joy.
  • ) Great site! ) I particularly like the happy trees. If you like street-art, Art Crimes was one of the first and certainly the biggest... lotsa stuff to see there too. There are also sites specific to NYC, LA, SF even Amsterdam. Some of these kids are really talented. Although I prefer to see blackbooks as opposed to blasting someone's apartment complex or place of business.
  • This is great, and the sidebar title made me grin.
  • Maaan...I think I'm going to do me some of that! I nominate this site as the official antedote site to CNN. It makes me believe that as long as people are silly, there's hope for us bastids yet.
  • Muchas gracias for the additional links, rxreed. What struck me about the Wooster Collective is the diverse range of content -- not just graffiti but posters and stickers and badly misspelled artist interviews and stencils and faces on trees, OH MY!
  • monkeynaut excellent
  • Life Sucks Die has been my one of my favorite magazines for awhile now. They haven't put out a new issue in over a year, but everytime I visit a Tower Records its the first thing I'm looking for. Great artwork, great layouts, disturbing but engaging interveiws with graffers and Hip-hop artists. But most importantly, its the wittiest thing I've ever seen after this. Fair warning, though: The graf layouts are interspliced with some truly haunting porn, autopsy photos, medical oddities, etc..
  • Speaking of street art, did everyone see the awesome article on Swoon in The Morning News yesterday? Also, here's one more street art site that I don't think has been mentioned yet.